About the Disability Data Portal

In preparation for the Global Disability Summit on 24 July 2018 and with funding from UK aid, Leonard Cheshire has developed a framework and collected an initial body of international data in a report entitled ‘Global Disability Data Review: A collation and analysis of disability data from 40 countries’.

The report provides an overview of the current disability data landscape in 40 countries and identifies where there are current gaps in bodies of data, particularly in light of the indicators linked to the Sustainable Development Goals and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.   

It underscores the fact that we can no longer maintain the assumption that “there is no data”. It provides a framework to show the global community how existing information can be accessed and analysed. In conjunction with latest analysis from the Washington Group on Disability Statistics and the UN Statistics Division (UNSD), it promises to help provide a growing body of disability data that can be easily accessed and analysed.

The Report provides background on the project, and discusses at greater length the findings, limitations and potential next steps needed to fill the gaps in global disability data.

The Disability Data Portal highlights the key findings and data from the report through data visualisations.

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