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As part of 2030 and Counting we worked with communications agency On Our Radar to produce a web-documentary miniseries, ‘Missing Voices’ which portrays some of the powerful accounts found by the project’s Youth Citizen Reporters. 

Over six months, the reporters collected hundreds of inspiring untold stories that demonstrate how people with disabilities are often discriminated against and left behind in their communities. It aims to highlight the everyday challenges and stigma faced by people with disabilities, particularly when it comes to employment, healthcare and education.


"In this beautiful and expensive environment my most basic needs are not taken care of."


Missing Voices

Rebecca’s Story

Rebecca Nyirenda lives in Zambia where she loves going to school. However, a lack of appropriate transport means she can only go three times a week. 


Kristelle’s Story

Getting into employment in the Philippines was not an easy feat for Kristelle Gonzales. 


Regina and George’s Story

Regina Mwangi goes to one of the best universities in East and Central Africa, yet poor wheelchair access and a lack of appropriate facilities pose a threat to her education.


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