The portal collates quantitative disability disaggregated data from 48 countries using key development indicators mostly drawn from the UN Sustainable Development Goals framework.

The data covers the themes of Education (SDG 4), Economic Empowerment (SDG 1; SDG 8), Stigma and Discrimination (SDG 1; SDG 5; SDG 16), and Technology and Innovation (SDG 17).

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SDGs Explained

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is a commitment by all countries to end poverty in all its forms, reduce inequality and save the planet. All of the Goals within Agenda 2030 apply to persons with disabilities based upon the guiding principle of Agenda 2030: Leave no one behind. Find out more about the SDGs.

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Why disability data matters

Disability data is more than just numbers - it tells the story of people’s lives. While statistics are important, stories and videos are powerful tools for change. People with disabilities are collecting and sharing their own data through participatory qualitative methods, helping to close the data gaps that continue to persist.

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