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Results below show data gathered using different question type methodologies and are not strictly comparable. You can filter the data to show countries using the same question type methodology or to only show countries of interest.

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Question Type Key:

  • 1: Uses a question such as 'Do you have disability?'
  • 2: Use a list of medical conditions
  • 3: Uses a question on functional limitations, i.e. what a person can or cannot do
  • 4: Used the Washington Group Questions in some way that is not recommended
  • 5: Used the Washington Group Questions as recommended

1.3.1(a): Proportion of population covered by social protection floors/systems (Health insurance provided by the employer)

People with disabilities


People without disabilities

No Data
Albania Question Type: 1
No Data
No Data
Cambodia Question Type: 5
Cameroon Question Type: 2
No Data
Chad Question Type: 2
No Data
Gambia Question Type: 5
No Data
Rwanda Question Type: 5
No Data
Uganda Question Type: 5
No Data
Yemen Question Type: 1
No Data