15 February 2022

At the start of the second Global Disability Summit, Leonard Cheshire is pleased to announce the expansion of the national disability data tracked on the Disability Data Portal.

Leonard Cheshire has worked with key data actors to improve the quality and increase the availability of disability disaggregated data, with the aim of using this data to contribute to ensuring that no one is left behind. It now brings together quantitative data from 79 national data sources under 16 key development indicators mostly drawn from the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework.

Recently Leonard Cheshire has worked closely with researchers at Fordham University, who were responsible for producing ‘The Disability Data Report. Disability Data Initiative’, to ensure that their new disability data is captured on the Portal. Their report provides a systematic analysis of the disability questions in national censuses and household surveys globally between 2009 and 2018, and indicators disaggregated across disability status for 41 countries with census or household survey data that are based on internationally comparable disability questions.

Recognising that disability data is often difficult to capture consistently at a global level, Leonard Cheshire created the Disability Data Portal as a centralised space for quality quantitative and qualitative disability data. It is an open, accessible resource for all advocates of disability rights and inclusive sustainable development. It is as an accessible resource for all advocates of disability rights and inclusive sustainable development. The Portal provides a snapshot of the data globally available on people with disabilities as well as highlighting gaps in the current body of data. 

Leonard Cheshire Becomes Inclusive Data Charter Champion

In addition to supporting improved quality and increased access to data on disability, Leonard Cheshire is also contributing to the global debate on how to capture data on disability using evidence from our long-term experience in the field of disability data research and policy. Leonard Cheshire has committed to becoming an Inclusive Data Charter Champion, to catalyse broader action on inclusive disability data. Leonard Cheshire will be working closely with the Inclusive Data Charter to fully develop an action plan to achieve this.

Leonard Cheshire is keen to support National Statistical Offices to develop and implement the most effective data collection techniques to capture information on the extent to which people with disabilities are being included in efforts to achieve the SDGs. Leonard Cheshire is well placed to undertake this work, with strong experience of gathering data on people with disabilities in both our international and our UK programme work. We are very keen to work with others to improve the inclusion of disability data in the data revolution for sustainable development data and the SDGs.